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Gender pay gap reporting deadlines:

Public sector – 30th March





Private sector – 4th April





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How your organisations can benefit from Gapsquare

Still using unwieldy Excel spreadsheets, in-house tools or expensive consulting services to prepare your gender pay gap report?

Gapsquare takes the complexity out of reporting. Empower your HR team to manage the reporting, analysis, and closure of your pay gaps with our self-serve software today.

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The trusted solution for gender pay
gap reporting.

Gapsquare is among the easiest, most accessible, and user-friendly technologies trusted by hundreds of organisations in the UK to complete their gender pay gap reports every year.

“With the auditing framework offered by Gapsquare, complex statistical models make pay comparisons simple, as well as provide clear reporting and overviews.”

Wieden + Kennedy

More than just gender pay gap reporting

Gapsquare not only provides reporting but also offers valuable data insights, empowering organisations to make significant strides toward closing the gap.

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